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Hello Friends,

There are many travel blogs available on the internet but my travel blog will give you unique personalise experience about roaming places in low budget. I will provide you in-depth detail about every places/country where I have explored personally. How and where you can save money if you are a solo traveller, what you can do and what are all must places to be visit and the approximate cost of the trip, so that you can plan and budget your trip without hesitation. So guys stay tuned….





Many people I came across, they wanted to know how to do international trip in a low budget?. Before I cover up individual topics I would like to emphasis on some countries which is very beautiful and also suited to your pockets. These countries are Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Srilanka, Burma etc. I will be covering some exotic destinations and places individually later in my blog, so keep reading guys.

Now lets start with one of most exotic and loveable destination by Indians, i.e Singapore. Now people are confused, those who visit first time outside india, how to plan and what to do?? So this article will help u in every possible way from budget to sight seeing along with that some new hidden places which is least visited by the visitors and some exciting things to try. I will try to cover up step wise step topics below:

1. VISA:

Before visiting Singapore you must have completed pre visa requirement which can be  done via authorised agent. You must give documents like visa form 39A, one passport size photograph as per visa specifications, Cover letter and type of visa you require, 3 months bank statement etc. Fees for visa is SGD 30 and along with that agents will charge you some INR 1000 approx. as courier charges and their service fees. You have to send your physical passport to your agent. Visa can be obtained in 1-3 working days. Remember here you should know (1 SGD= Rs.50)– approx.


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Major expenses in any of the trip are of return flights and stay, so keep your into low budget you should save on flights and stay, automatically you will observe your trip cost came down upto 35%. Here the question is how to reduce the cost. Here is the answer- the cheapest return airfare you will get from Chennai which is approx. Rs.8500/- also if you stay in north india, in that case try to book tickets at least 20 days in advance from Chandigarh or Jaipur which is comparatively cheaper than booking from New Delhi. You should also keep an eye on different offers run by airlines and the travel portals. The approximate cost for return airfare from these places you will get around Rs.12000/-.


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If you are a solo traveller then I would suggest you to stay in decent hostels which you will find one in every street of Singapore, which will be cheap and convenient to stay. There are so many staying options available in every hostels like 4 bed, 8 bed, 10 bed, 12 bed, 16 bed shared accommodation which will be male only, female only and mixed. So, these kind of options you will get with every hostels. For example, lets say if you have choose 4 bed mixed room option then there will be four members will be in the room and each of you will be provided with one bed with nice blanket, pillow,mattress with locker in a fully air-conditioned room & complimentary breakfast. Usually cost of a hostels ranges from SGD 10 – SGD30 per day but if you book from some travel portals here in advance then you might end up paying even 50% lesser price then the actual price. Here I am giving you options of hostel in which I personally stayed over the period of time, you can check and book them for a great staying experiences.

Stay Tuned for further updates….